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  Year -www 77139 com Event
  1998 First company being granted dealership rights by Toyota / Our first dealership in Dalian / Our first Nissan dealership
  1999 Our first Audi dealership
Our first dealership in Yunnan Province 
  2001 Our first dealership in Fujian Province
  2002 Our first dealership in Shanghai
  2003 Our first dealership in Jiangsu Province
  2005 Our first Lexus dealership / Our first Honda dealership / Our first dealership in Guangdong Province
  2007 Our first dealership in Sichuan Province / Our first acquisition to expand dealership network
  2008 Our first dealership in Shandong Province
  2009 Our first Mercedes-Benz dealership
  2010 List on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board
  2012 Our first Jaguar & Land Rover dealership
  2015 In 2015, Zhongsheng developed its Business Plan.
  2016 In 2016, we opened 38 new dealerships, including 28 new dealerships through acquisition.
  2016 In the end of 2016, we established 251 dealerships, covering 80 cities of 22 provinces&municipalities
  2017 Our first Jaguar & Land Rover &Volvo dealership in Dalian
  2017 In the end of 2017, we established 286 dealerships, covering90 cities of 24 provinces&municipalities
  ...... To be continued